The MDPV/Bath Salts Connection

Much has been said in the press (and many questions in this blog) about my alleged use of MDPV (bath salts).  it’s time to put that issue to rest. Pure MDPV is the most addictive substance known to man.  Erowid (erowid.org) is the the largest repository of drug usage reports on the Internet.  Drug addicts, […]


The Meow Meow Mephedrone Madness

Mephedrone or Meow Meow. Whether you use the formal or the street name, the results of using this drug are the same. Mephedrone is the popular drug that is a synthetic form of cathinone, the active ingredient in khat. It’s the fastest growing drug in the U.K. And there’s not enough kitty litter in all […]

Health & Fitness

Improve learning power with Oxiracetam

There are many cognitive and memory benefits which users can get by using this fitness product oxiracetam. It provides the brain a boost to improve cognitive capabilities. It is one of the most powerful fitness products available in the market today. You must do proper research before using this product always. It is helpful in […]