The Benefits of an Advanced Eye test


The advancements made in eye testing in recent years has made the presence of eye disease and other eyesight related complaints much easier to detect. This technology is now available through many opticians, making the benefits available to all.

In this article, we’re going to outline the benefits of an advanced eye test as well as what they involve.

Topcon 3D OCT Technology

This latest advancement now offers the ability to quickly and accurately image all components of the eye including the retina. This is done by passing layers of light across the eye which take high resolution images. The conditions and diseases that can be tested for include;

  • The presence of diabetes which can have a negative impact on eyesight and lead to its eventual loss.
  • Age related degeneration which can see the overall condition of our eyes and their vision decline over time.

The benefit to this type of examination is that these diseases can be diagnosed far quicker than is possible through other types of testing, resulting it corrective treatment that can be administered before the problem gets worse. An OCT eye test can be carried out at any opticians with the necessary technology so make enquiries at your local clinic for further advice. The beauty of this test is that results are available immediately.

Other Types of Advanced Eye Test

The technology on offer doesn’t stop there. There are several other methods that can be used to detect a range of conditions including;

  • Visual display unit screening which can detect eyesight deficiencies caused by the overuse of video equipment such as computer monitors.
  • Glaucoma screening which measures the levels of pressure present in each eye, a vital non-invasive test for the presence of glaucoma which can diminish eyesight if left untreated.
  • A photoropter which an optometrist can use to accurately measure the level of diffraction present within your eyes, making it possible to administer a prescription without the need for trial lenses and frames.

Eye Examination Frequency

The official recommendation is that you undergo eye tests once every two years in the case of healthy individuals. For all those suffering from a pre-existing eyesight condition, this frequency can be reduced to every six months.

What is important is that dramatic changes to the quality of your vision are treated as soon as they’re identified to increase the chances of success and to make sure that you retain healthy vision for as long as possible.

How Much Will It Cost?

The costs can differ greatly which is why it’s always worth shopping around. A standard eye test which can be carried out at any supermarket optician will often be cheapest or sometimes even free via a promotion. More advanced examinations will often cost slightly more and as mentioned may only be available from certain eye clinics.

We would suggest making a few enquiries at your optician of choice or conducting a search on the internet to find an eye clinic offering the technology and expertise that you require.