Checkout the Legal status of Steroids in the UK


The use of performance-enhancing drugs and anabolic steroids nowadays is not only restricted to professional bodybuilders and athletes. Men in the UK have become extremely dependent on these controlled drugs to help them in gaining muscles and burning down the body fat. Studies say, in the UK, about thirty thousand men above the age of 40 years use steroids on a regular basis. This figure is almost double than what it was five years back. Looking at this rising demand, we can assume that most of them are neither thoroughly aware of the associated side effects of these drugs nor about their legal status. This article throws light on the legal aspect of regular steroids in the UK.

The UK law

If you raise the question, as to whether steroids are considered illegal in the UK, then as per the government the answer would be, no. Anabolic steroids actually fall under the C class scheduled drug and thus tagged as prescription-only medicines. This indicates you would always require a valid prescription of any doctor to acquire it legally. As far as it is not for commercial use, you are allowed to own it, or even export and import the same. If you break this law and start acquiring for commercial purposes you could even land up in jail for nearly 14 years and also pay a heavy amount of fine. The steroid law in the UK is a little complicated. As a buyer, you are protected by the law, but if you try to sell, it is considered as an offense. Selling anabolic steroids within the province of the UK is entirely illegal unless it is done through a proper channel or you are producing a prescription and acquiring it for any medical condition.

Why shift to the alternatives

Today, you would see that a huge segment of the bodybuilders and athletes are shifting to the natural steroid alternatives which are not only legal but also comes without any side effects. Also, if you get caught using synthetic steroids, your career in sports could end. These legal alternatives are made of all natural ingredients and available easily at the supermarket near you. Though they are not that effective when compared to the regular steroids, if taken sincerely, in the long term you would definitely gain from it. Not only they act as a great source of testosterone, but they are also loaded with vitamins, some fatty acids, enzymes, amino acids and minerals.

Where to buy from

If you are based in the UK and would like to buy the regular steroids then you should be well- aware of the laws prevailing there and which all steroids are marked as prescription-only medicines. As a basic idea, you should note that in most of the European countries selling steroids is entirely illegal. One of the most common ways to get hold of the regular steroids is through the dealers of the gym. The logic behind imposing these strict laws is to ensure that the use of steroids is restricted to some extent.