Chicken Dishes: A delight for many!


If you are a non-vegetarian fellow, you can find so many types of chickens on your eating list. Of course, the realm of chicken is always rich. You can find diverse types of spicy, hot, crispy, rich and juicy chickens. These chicken dishes can fill you with so much of merriment, scrumptiousness and of course satisfaction.

Have a look at some of the amazing chicken options that are going to bring water in your mouth right away. You cannot resist them for sure. And one thing is for definite; you will make them a part of your treats and celebrations. Have a look at a few of them right below:

Chicken 65 

If you want to learn this Chicken 65 in Tamil, you can learn it with the help of so many recipes. Anyhow, talking about this extensive dish, this is the type of dish that can easily leave your mouth on fire. It turns your heart beat faster and fills you with utmost satisfaction. With the crazy saltiness and munches along with terse flavours of curry leaves, garlic, ginger, chillies and all the ingredients that prepare a cheerful Indian dish. It is a classic dish that will give you a classic feel for sure.

Chilly chicken

If you speak of this chicken, it is a well-known Indo-Chinese eatable of chicken.  This eatable maybe includes a large variety of dry chicken arrangements. The boneless chicken is specifically used in this particular dish. But yes there are people who prepare this dish with boned chicken. Whatever maybe the scenario, this rich chicken is going to leave you delighted and hot. Of course, as the name denotes, the chicken is going to be filled with some patches of chilli. So, if you are up for a chilly treat, you must dive into this dish.

Butter chicken

If you know about this chicken, your mouth might already be watering. This butter chicken is a classic dish that is linked with Hindu refugees from India-Pakistan Partition epoch.  Diverse restaurants, five star hotels and street side eateries have their distinct style of prepare butter chicken. The chicken is coded with so much of butter and you can feel the richness in every slice or bite of it. The dish is absolutely finger licking and overwhelming.

Chicken Tikka

Chicken tikka is undoubtedly one of the handpicked Indian kebabs that has turned out to be classic. This tikka is usually made up of chicken and trademark red masala. The chicken houses juicy chewable pieces of delectable chicken that are prepared over a charcoal fire. This chicken cum kabab   is so familiar that it has turned out to be a sample for kebabs in usual. The chicken is nicely blended in the kabab and you get a 365 Taste experience in your mouth. You can eat this chicken snack yet dish with chatnis or even some different sauces.

Thus, the zone of chicken is something that is enriched. You won’t be dry once you have consumed these chickens. You can actually give a chicken treat to your non-vegetarian loved ones. Chicken dishes are overwhelming and gratifying.