Common Aesthetic Medicine Procedures


Everyone has insecurities about their body. For many, their biggest insecurity is their weight. Diets that are increasingly becoming less healthy and lifestyles that are becoming busier make it difficult to lose weight. In addition, rapidly industrialising economies lead to more desk jobs and fewer manual labour jobs. This means that you probably spend all day sitting around and spend very little time being active. All of this can lead to an expanding waistline. If you don’t have time to exercise and diet as much as you would like, you might have limited options. However, one option that you should consider is aesthetic medicine.

Aesthetic Medicine

Aesthetic medicine is a range of medicines and procedures that deal with the way you look. These are often procedures that will help you achieve a certain look. A few of the common procedures are cryolipolysis, fat melting, and other types of weight loss procedures. There are many different ways these procedures can be effective. You need to ask a pioneering medical aesthetic doctor about which procedure is right for you. They all operate in many different ways and have varying levels of efficacy for different people. Some people find that certain procedures are incredibly effective while others are not nearly as useful. A good doctor will be able to work with you to help you determine which one is right for you.


Cryolipolysis is one of the most effective, and most common, options for aesthetic medical procedures. It works because fat cells need heat to retain their structure. When the temperature drops below a certain level, the fat cells can actually be destroyed. During the procedure, a doctor applies a tool to different areas of your body where you have fat deposits. The tool lowers the temperature of the fat cells below their freezing point which destroys the fat cells in that area. The body then discards the fat cells. It is very effective at reducing fat deposits in certain areas. It is known as cryolipolysis because it is a portmanteau of words meaning freezing and fat. You’ll often see it referred to as fat freezing.

Fat Melting

An alternative to fat freezing is fat melting. These procedures require a doctor to inject a chemical that reacts with the fat cells under your skin, thus causing the fat cells will break down. Afterwards, the fat cells are dissolved by your body and discarded. This is a great way to reduce fat in very specific areas. One of the most common sites for fat melting is under the chin.

If either of these procedures sounds interesting to you, you should talk with a doctor about your options.


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