Genetic Testing for Inherited Disease and Conditions


Disease, medical conditions, and other health-related ailments can lessen the quality of a person’s life in numerous ways. Physically, they can create pain and mobility struggles. The cost of medical care, special treatments, and medications can affect a person’s financial well-being. Spiritually and emotionally, a person’s happiness and hope for the future may be completely depleted.

While nutrition, exercise, and regular visits to the doctor’s office are all crucial to disease prevention, sometimes it simply isn’t enough. Sometimes problems aren’t detected until the problem has significantly manifested. Recently, however, genetic testing has made it possible to detect certain hereditary diseases and conditions before symptoms even arise.

If a person were to test positive for a hereditary disease or medical condition, they could prepare for the possibility of the disease progression and take preventative measures before it even begins. If you’re seeking a DNA test in Singapore, this article may be helpful for you. Continue reading to learn more about testing services available in your area.

Two Types of Genetic Testing

The study of DNA has come a long way since its initial discovery in the 1950s. In the early stages, it was only apparent that DNA related to genetics and molecular processes in some way. More recently, DNA studies have proved that certain medical conditions are, in fact, genetic. Some of those conditions are hereditary cancer and inherited cardiac conditions. Genetic testing is possible for both.

Before fully committing to genetic testing, it’s important to determine whether it’s appropriate for you. You can start by considering your personal and family histories. If you or anyone in your family has experienced cancer or heart conditions multiple times in the past, the tests are worth taking. In addition, if 3 or more close family members on the same side of the family have experienced different types of cancer or heart conditions, the test is an excellent idea.

Once you’ve established that genetic testing is appropriate for your situation, you can proceed to scheduling the testing appointment. At the appointment, a blood sample will be collected from you and sent to the genetic lab for analysis. If mutations are found in the sample that suggest the presence of a disease or condition gene, further treatment and prevention methods can be discussed with your healthcare provider.

Disease Prevention and a Quality Life

The road to happiness starts with good health. Good health and disease prevention go hand-in-hand. If you feel that cancer or a heart condition may be genetically present within yourself, DNA testing will allow you to address and prevent future problems before they even make themselves known.  Testing facilities are available in your area.

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