How to have whiter teeth


A healthy tooth is essential to enjoy good health in general and also to show beautiful white teeth. Throughout the day, our teeth come into contact with many substances and components that can end up damaging and darkening the enamel, if we do not provide the hygiene you need to combat bacterial plaque and avoid the appearance of oral problems. If you are also concerned about your dental health and want to get a gleaming smile, pay attention to the advice in this article about how to have whiter teeth.

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Steps to follow:

  1. Having whiter teeth is not possible without a precise and careful daily oral hygiene. So, your best weapon to wear a shiny denture is the toothbrush, use it to clean the oral cavity after each meal and spend at least 3 minutes to this task, passing it through all the teeth, gums and tongue included. With this, you will eliminate bacterial plaque and prevent the formation of cavities. It is also essential that you complete the brushing with the use of dental floss to reach those more difficult parts, and finish with a mouthwash.

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  1. If during the daily oral cleaning you also want to get your teeth to become whiter, you can buy dental hygiene products with whitening effect such as toothpastes or mouthwashes. These contain in its formula components such as peroxide or fluoride that act on the tooth enamel, favoring its whitening, preventing changes in its natural color and being affected by stains that can cause certain foods or substances.
  2. In addition to these products, specific dental whitening kits are also available in the market for use at home for a specific period of time. You must choose the one that best suits your needs and follow the instructions that are detailed in the package insert that comes with the product or its packaging. Take into account that the results vary depending on the shade of the tooth enamel, so they can be very different from one person to another.
  3. Another of the most used products to have whiter teeth are the so-called whitening strips. It is a thin and flexible strip that are coated with a whitening gel and should be placed on both the upper and lower teeth to make the effect and can reach those tougher spots below the teeth. The treatment usually lasts for 7 days and, normally, the strips are placed twice a day wearing them for approximately 30 minutes. If you have doubts, check with your dentist beforehand if they are recommended for you.
  4. And, of course, regular oral cleanings performed by a professional dentist are essential to keep your mouth healthy and show off much healthier and whiter teeth. It is essential to carry out a professional dental cleaning at least once a year, but your dentist must inform you of his / her periodicity, since there are people who, depending on the state of their oral health, may need them more frequently.
  5. Undoubtedly, the most effective treatment to have a much whiter and more beautiful teeth is the treatment of teeth whitening, because the patient can get to show teeth 8 shades whiter. It will be essential that you submit to this experienced as a treatment in Dubai Dental Clinic and only if your dentist suggest you that it is advisable for you. If you want information about the operation and cost of this treatment, see the article How much does it cost to whiten teeth.

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