Nootropics – What are they and which are the Best ones?


Nootropics are cognitive enhancing supplements used for improving concentration and boosting memory power. They are often used to increase the attention spans, as studying aids and to help you focus better. Nootropics are associated with increased motivation, intelligence and mental energy. They are not like other smart drugs that cause negative side effects after a long time of using, because nootropics must be safe, powerful and natural formulas. Nootropics increase the communication between the neurons and balance the neurotransmitter levels and improve brain cell health. Also, they stimulate the growth of new neurons and support neuroplasticity.

Best nootropic ingredients

There are many nootropics offered on the market. When you chose one, be careful and always look up the ingredients. We will now take a look at the best ingredients that a nootropic should contain.

  • BacopaMonnieri- BacopaMonnieri has strong anti-oxidative properties and brings impressive benefits like: enhancing the ability to retain memories, reducing anxiety, reducing stress, increasing the capacity of neurons for communication. A number of studies show that it improves memory retention and acquisition.
  • Huperzine A- This ingredient supports the cognitive function and overall mental well-being. It inhibits the creation of acetylcholinesterase and that is an enzyme which is responsible for the breakdown of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, and the absence of this enzyme means improved focus, more efficient brain cell maintenance and enhanced memory function. Many studies have shown that Huperzine A improved memory deficits in older people and patients with Alzheimer’s and other diseases.
  • Vinpocetine- It acts like an anti-oxidant and rids the blood of toxins. It protects the brain cells from damage and prevents inflammation. Vinpocetine improves the blood flow to the brain without raising the blood pressure. Vinpocetine has been used in the medicine as a general brain supplement for a long time. Clinical studies have shown that is one of the most important ingredients that a nootropic should contain because it is extremely improves the focus and the memory.
  • Vitamin D- Studies have shown that Vitamin D plays an important role in decreasing the risk of stroke, cancer and diabetes. Recent studies have shown that it prevents Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive decline. That’s the reason many high quality nootropics contain Vitamin D in their formulas.
  • B Vitamins- These vitamins affect our health in so many ways. They give your brain more energy and form protectivewrapping for the nerves. B Vitamins facilitate the transfer of information and contribute to the overall brain functioning. There is no doubt- if the nootropic contains B Vitamins, it is an effective one.

Nootropics you should choose

When you choose a nootropic, most important thing to check are the ingredients. We read about some of the best ingredients a formula could contain and that will help you when you look for the best nootropic. Other very important thing is to take the right dosage in order to get the best results. Most of them should be taken on daily basis. Some of them received negative reviews but the main reason for that is taking the wrong dosage. You don’t want to end up disappointed and think that it isn’t working for you. To avoid that, use it the right way as it is recommended. Starting with a free-trial is probably the best way to make the right choice. Most of the nootropics became popular among consumers thanks to free trials. Many satisfied consumers started using them by ordering a free trial which has given them enough time to feel if it is working right way or not. And remember- consuming a nootropic is not something you can take only for few weeks and expect a miracle. Once you find the right one, you should stay committed to it and enjoy the results for a long time. Here, we give you a list of the best nootropics that changed and improved the lives of so many individuals:

  • Synagen IQ
  • Apex Mastermind
  • Intellex Plus
  • MaxSynapse

Our recommendation

Synagen-IQ and Apex’s Mastermind are our final recommendation. At the moment, they are the best that you can get for brain and cognitive improvement. Their formulas are all natural and will give you no side effects. With choosing one of these two, it is impossible to make a mistake. There are free trials for both products, so order one now and start getting the results that you deserve.