Occupational Therapy –Seeing Life in a Better Perspective


The concept of occupational therapy (OT) has been in existence for a long time. It however, disappeared in the medieval times, only to be reinitiated in the modern times as a relatively new branch of medicine. In the old times, OT was applied on people with mental imbalances. Today, we will explore occupational therapy and all its aspects.

Occupational Therapy Defined and Its Goals

Occupational therapy is the treatment of physical and mental conditions through specific activities to help people reach their highest level of functional independence.

Occupational Therapists subscribe to the fact that there is a link between one’s occupation, health, and well-being. The primary goal of Occupational Therapy is to allow a person to attain a gratifying and fruitful life through the development of competence that will enable him to function at a capacity sufficient to himself and others.

Whom does Occupational Therapy benefit?

OT is applicable across all ages and all aspects of everyday life; ranging from home, school to the workplace. It is used when a person is having trouble with everyday activities due to:

  • Medical condition, e.g. Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Learning disability
  • Mental health condition, e.g. bipolar disorder,

What are the techniques of conducting Occupational Therapy?

After establishing the troubles experienced by the individual with daily tasks, occupational therapists can help by:

  • Teaching an alternative way to accomplish the task
  • Proposing changes that will ease performance of the task
  • Providing devices or equipment that make the tasks easier

Benefits of Occupational Therapy

Anyone, across all ages, can draw immense benefits from Occupational Therapy Glenarden Maryland if they have trouble in participating in any of their desired activities.

For instance, OT can help in overcoming or developing strategies to cope with:

  • Movability or Seating difficulties as a result of developmental complications, spinal cord injury, arthritis, etc.
  • Managing pain due to burns, vehicle accident, repetitive strain injuries etc.
  • Relearning new methods to manage home-making activities after an acute mental illness or brain injury
  • Discovery memory aids and other interventions for individuals who complain of impaired memory caused by stress, aging, etc.

OT can also help prevent:

  • Unwarranted hospital stays or untimely nursing home admissions.
  • Dropping out of school as a result of poor attention spans or having troubles in reading and writing
  • Unemployment among individuals with a retarded development or people with mental complications.
  • Injuries at work caused by incorrect workstation arrangement, impractical pacing, among other psychosocial strains.


Occupational Therapy is an exciting and worthwhile profession for those individuals passionate about a career helping people. It is an ideal career choice for those enthusiastic about working in a rehabilitation type field but are not ready to through the over seven years of education. There are currently very many occupational therapists spread across the world. Glenarden Maryland is one such place with a high population of Occupational Therapists.