Problems Caused Due To Addictions During Pregnancy


There are several narcotics and alcohols that have taken over the society with varied people getting addicted to it. All the people irrespective of gender are associated with smoking, alcohol addictions or a certain type of drugs. These addictions are harmful to the health of mothers and there are several campaigns going on for people to stop this addiction. Several problems come with these addictions and during pregnancy, they increase chances of deformities or termination of pregnancy.

Certain Addictions And Their Effects

Several addictions lead to complications during pregnancy. Of them, the most common one is smoking. Many people around the world opt for smoking because they feel it can release their stress. But this issue may lead to health problems in the baby while growing in the mother’s body. They are given below according to the type of addictions causing them.

  1. There are several issues related to smoking tendency of the mothers before pregnancy. Smoking tobacco results in ingestion of alkaloid that can affect the central nervous system. During pregnancy if a mother gets exposed to cigarette smoke then the baby gets affected most because nutrition goes to the baby from the mother. Along with that if the blood cells carry alkaloid nicotine, it creates problems with normal cell production. The condition stays the same for mothers who practice vaping while pregnant since nicotine is present in the E-cigarettes as well.

Effects of smoking include problems in the normal formation of the pulmonary system. Along with the demand for oxygen also increases in the baby. In a worst-case scenario, smoking may lead to direct termination of pregnancy.

  1. Alcohol addiction poses similar problems for pregnant women. This is a similar condition that not only increases chances of complications but may result in the changes in the concentration of hormones. Hormones are one of the most important factors during pregnancy, controlling different events perfectly in their respective time. Alcohol may result in issues with the growth of the baby causing deformities.

Effects of alcohol include having problems in normal growth of the baby and sometime that may lead to miscarriage. Alcohol is strictly prohibited for pregnant women because that is the main reason for which many miscarriages occur.

  1. Taking drugs is another issue of addiction causing changes in the normal function of the body and body turns dependent on those chemicals. Moreover, with a continuous introduction, the babies get attracted to the same drug. That later causes complications either during pregnancy or just after delivery.

These babies have a common condition of deformed internal organs and sometimes they are stillborn. So, drug abuse is a major health concern.

All the effects of addictions are alarming and thus every mother should stay away from all the items of addictions throughout their pregnancy. Smoking, drinking alcohol should be avoided fully and E-cigarettes during pregnancy or any other associated addiction poses the same threat to the health of the mother and the baby.


Healthy living is important for having a healthy baby. Any changes in the daily life has to be made for the sake of the child and should be maintained at least until the baby is born.

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